Lukrative Lösungen FÜR Real Estate Investitionen

Our services

Senior Loan

Senior bank loans are an important component of financing in the real estate sector and are successfully presented with a maximum LTV via our banking partners.

Whole Loan

The Whole Loan, which is used exclusively in the real estate sector, enables the complete processing of a financing transaction via a single financing partner.

Mezzanine Kapital

Mezzanine capital is an optimal way for real estate developers, as well as investors, to meet capital needs through a hybrid.

We offer financing solutions for every phase of your project. Together with our cooperation partners and financiers, we enable financing through provided mezzanine capital.

We support you in every project phase.

Debt Funds

The private debt funds also offer capital in senior financing, e.g. through mezzanine financing and so-called unitranche financing. Unitranche financing does not require regular repayments, but the borrowing company must repay the full amount at once at the end of the term.


Serving asset management companies, family offices and asset management companies whose assets are managed and secured individually and on a long-term basis, contribute equity capital as financiers for investment projects and receive comprehensive and intensive support from us.

The focus is on the needs of the family or asset owner:

  • Wealth and succession planning
  • Structured finance
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Risk management for investments

Real Estate Projektentwicklung

Angefangen von dem Start einer Immobilienentwicklung/Planung, Umsetzung durch angedockte namhafte Projektentwickler, Bauträger, Baufirmen und Architekten, können wir Sie perfekt bei Ihrem Real Estate Projekt begleiten. Wir liefern Ihnen Top Betreiber für Hotels, Boardinghäuser, gewerbliches Wohnen, Pflege- und betreutes Wohnen sowie Ankermieter mit guter Bonität für Ihr Immobilienprojekt. Und final unterstützen wir Sie auch beim Veräußern des Projektes an Investoren wie Fonds, Asset Management Firmen, Family Offices, Versicherungen, Projektentwickler und Pensionskassen. Darüber hinaus erstellen wir professionelle Finanzierungsexposes, Reportings und helfen bei der Risikoanalyse für Ihr bestehendes Porfolio. Abgerundet mit unserem einzigartigen Zugang zu Investoren durch Kooperationspartner und Joint-Ventures sowie zu Fremdkapital durch Banken, Mezzanine, Debt Funs, Crowdfunding und weitere smarte Finanzierungsoptionen, ermöglichen wir Ihnen den dazugehörigen finanziellen Freiraum zur erfolgreichen Umsetzung des Projektes.

For investors

In our portfolio we have selected and pre-qualified project proposals that match your investment preferences in terms of location, investment type and financing volume.

We also offer investors the opportunity to participate in subordinated portfolio financing.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We and our cooperation partners are happy to accompany you through the entire M&A process. To this end, we offer, among other things, assistance in:

  • Customized financing from model to implementation
  • Business valuation
  • Structured purchase and sale of companies
  • Transactions in the corporate sector such as company acquisitions / sales, transfers of operations, leveraged buyouts or corporate cooperations